1. Introduction

Hi there! If you’re in the market to purchase a single-head multi-needle embroidery machine and find yourself torn comparison between the Ricoma 1501pt and the Promaker x-1501, you’ve hit the jackpot! In this user-friendly post, I will help you delve into the nitty-gritty details and comparisons of both these fantastic machines. Let’s dive in!

2. Overview of Ricoma 1501PT embroidery machine

Ricoma 1501PT is a versatile, single-head, 15-needle commercial embroidery machine that has gained a solid reputation for its reliability and high performance. With an impressive maximum speed of 1200 stitches per minute, it boasts a large embroidery area of 540 x 375mm, giving the user ample space to work on various project sizes. single-head

3. Overview of Promaker X-1501 embroidery machine

On the other hand, the Promaker x-1501 is an equally impressive 15-needle single-head machine. It also allows for a high-speed operation of up to 1200 stitches per minute. Its distinguishing feature is the x-Drive Technology which provides swift, precise, and quiet operations. With a touch-screen panel, working with this machine becomes an absolute breeze.

4. Comparison Between Ricoma 1501PT vs Promaker X-1501

4.1 Basic Features

Basic Features Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
Number of Needles 15 15
Number of Heads 1 1
Maximum Embroidery Speed 1200SPM 1200SPM
Maximum Embroidery Area 560x350mm 500x360mm
Maximum Storage of Stitches or Designs 20 million 10 million
Machine Size LxWxH with Steel Stand(mm) 700x700x780 580x580x1600
Machine Weight with Steel Stand(kg) 90kg 50kg

Both the embroidery machines come equipped with similar basic features of 15 needles, automatic color change, automatic thread trims, and pre-sew design trace. However, while Ricoma 1501pt has a wider embroidery area, Promaker x-1501 excels in operation smoothness.

4.2 software features

Software Features Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
USB Input yes yes
Supported File Formats DST, DSB DST, DSB
Number of Fonts uncleare unclear
Number of Pre-set Embroidery Designs unclear unclear
Design Software Wilcom Tes3.0v
Language Options English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian English English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Both machines have advanced network capabilities and are compatible with main industry design software. However, the Promaker X-1501 stands out slightly with its intuitive user interface that makes it easier to use, particularly for designers who are just starting.

4.3 Features for Increasing Production Efficiency

Features for Increasing Production Efficiency Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
Automatic Thread Changing yes yes
Automatic Threading yes yes
Automatic Thread Trimming yes yes
Embroidery Positioning Point unclear unclear
LCD Touch Screen Size 4inch 10 inch
embroidery real-time Preview unclear unclear
auto thread break detection yes yes
WiFi Connectivity no no
Automatic Memory Retention unclear unclear

Although both machines describe promise high-efficiency embroidery, the Ricoma 1501PT has bird’s nest prevention capabilities minimizing hit misses hence, saving valuable time. On the other hand, Promaker x-1501’s X-Drive technology provides smoother, faster operations reducing downtime that results from needle breakages or thread issues.

4.4 Embroidery Production Stability Features

Features for Production stability Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
durability yes yes
Low stitch error detection yes yes
Frame drive system fabric Cotton,leather,denim Cotton,leather,denim

In terms of production stability, both machines comparison deliver outstanding performances. However, the Ricoma 1501PT has an added advantage due to its durable build and proven reliability in long-hours operation.

4.5 Accessories

Features for Increasing Production Efficiency Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
Tubular Hoops Included unclear unclear
Cap Attachment Included yes yes
Flat Embroidery Included yes yes
Others Included durkee durkee
Tubular Hoops (Compatible) MaggieFrame / Pocket Hoop MaggieFrame / Pocket Hoop
Magnetic Hoops (Compatible) MaggieFrame / SewTalent / HoopTalent MaggieFrame / SewTalent / HoopTalent
Others (Compatible) unclear unclear
Laser Engraving Accessories unclear unclear
Extension Table unclear unclear

Both machines come bundled with helpful accessories. Still, the Ricoma 1501PT comes with an extra tool kit, an additional 10 sets of hoops and an introductory software package.

4.6 Convenience of Training / Maintenance / After-sales Service

Features for Increasing Production Efficiency Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
User Manual YES YES
Online Training Videos YES YES
Warranty Terms YES YES

Ricoma offers free training, and the machine’s price is discussed on request. Promaker offers pre and post-sales technical support and free software updates. The cost is also provided upon inquiry.

4.7 Price Comparison

Price Comparison Ricoma 1501PT Promaker X-1501
Price Range 6500 USD 5700 USD
Online Training Videos YES YES
Installment Payment Policy YES YES

5. User reviews and customer support

It’s always helpful to hear what others have to say about their experiences with these two machines. One way to gauge the performance and reliability of the Ricoma 1501pt and Promaker x-1501 is through customer reviews, which provide valuable insights into the user experience with these embroidery machines comparison

5.1 User review of Ricoma 1501PT

I purchased the Ricoma 1501pt a couple of weeks ago. Mainly to do embroidery for my small business with the hopes that I could grow this into a new business. At this point, the machine has run flawlessly. I am still in the learning and testing stages but there are no machine problems at all. The support team has been great and answered any of my questions both pre and post-purchase. They respond via Facebook messenger very promptly during their business hours which is evening in most of the United States. They have or make videos to answer all your questions. I have never used an embroidery machine before and I was successfully stitching designs on the 2nd day. The machine seems well built, and includes all the accessories and supplies you might need. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

David from England -2022/2/1

5.2 user review of Promaker X-1501



K&M Masterpiece, LLC

We could not have chosen a better company to supply with the equipment, technical support, and cream-of-the-crop customer support while our company – K & M Masterpiece, LLC – is still in its infancy. We have never experienced such a high level of support with any supplier before. I know Holly, Amy, and the rest of the team are going to be jealous but we will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Tristan. I wore her out with questions that she had to take a week off me (lol). Kudos to you all.

WOW, what a great experience from Erica, Iris/sales rep, Allen/trainer, Mark S./marketing Guru & Katrina from Aida Capital. I live locally & came in for a demo of a smaller machine (Spangle Elite). Everyone was super nice & knowledgeable & I ended up getting the big machine I wanted (Pro Spangle) thinking originally I couldn’t ever afford it. This was completely my decision, no one ever gave me a sales pitch, pressured or rushed me. Very happy & confident in my success since they have my back, do not shop anywhere else. Thanks.


6. Purchase Advice

6.1 Users with a limited budget

If you’re on a budget without compromising on functionality, you may find Promaker x-1501 to be a more affordable choice.

6.2 users who prefer high-end embroidery experiences

For users seeking a more robust and feature-packed experience, the Ricoma 1501PT is worth consideration, despite its slightly higher price.

6.3 Users who have needs for specific embroidery functions

Specialty-embroidery enthusiasts might lean towards the Ricoma 1501PT for its wider embroidery area and bird’s nest prevention function.

7. Compatible MaggieFrame magnetic Hoop Sizes

Both machines are compatible with a wide range of MaggieFrame magnetic hoop sizes, Both, Ricoma1501pt and Promaker x-1501 are compatible with various sizes of MaggieFrame magnetic hoops, adding flexibility to your projects due to the ease with which designs can be hooped and unhooped.

8. FAQ

Q: How much does a RIticoma 1501 cost?

A: starts USD with 6000 USD to 12000 USD.

Q:Is ricoma made in China?

A: We are headquartered in Miami, USA, and own a production facility in Huizou City, and a marketing center in Shenzhen City, China.

Q: how many needle promaker -x 1501 have?

A:15 needle

in these two machines comparison, I hope you will get what users need it depends on their choice.