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Measure your hoop length:

Use a tape measure to gauge the length of your current hoop. This should be measured in millimeters, for example, a common Ricoma hoop measures 395mm, which is roughly equivalent to 15.5in.

Permitir pequenas variações:

Bear in mind that the dimensions you measure may be 1-2mm different from the sizes we have listed in our catálogo ou loja online. It may caused by measuring method. This slight variance will not affect the fit of the embroidery hoop on your machine.

Faça a sua seleção:

Ricoma embroidery hoops typically come in five different lengths – 355mm (14in), 395mm (15.5in), 495mm (19.5in), 605mm (23.8in)

and a range of hoops specifically for the Ricoma EM1010.

When purchasing a MaggieFrame from our distributor or online store, just choose the size of Argola magnética MaggieFrame you prefer, select Ricoma as your embroidery machine brand, and indicate that the size is for EM1010 if applicable. This is because we have already designed and validated the metal brackets for the Ricoma EM1010 embroidery machine.

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