1. 소개

A good embroidery machines is enough to make any embroidery lover’s heart skip a beat. We will guide you through a detailed comparison of two superior models: the Smart Stitch S1201 and Maya 1201. We promise to provide you with a comprehensive comparison. Why do we compare? That’s because it is easy to understand for user review, specifications, features and software variation, durability, and price point. So, strap in, and let’s begin!

2. 스마트 스티치 S1201 자수기 개요

가장 먼저 링에 오른 것은 스마트 스티치 S1201입니다. 이 재봉틀은 인상적인 12바늘 구성, 최대 1200spm(분당 스티치 수)의 스티칭 속도, 360x510mm의 자수 면적을 자랑합니다. 가장 큰 특징은 자동 색상 변경 시스템으로, 복잡한 멀티 컬러 디자인을 쉽게 스티치할 수 있다는 점입니다. 또한 LCD 터치스크린 인터페이스를 통해 프로젝트의 진행 상황을 모니터링할 수 있습니다.

3. Overview of Maya 1201 embroidery machine

The Maya 1201 embroidery machines, on the other hand, delivers an impressive maximum speed of 1200 stitches per minute with 12 needles. Its focus on stabilizing embroidery and enhancing stitch quality makes it an excellent tool for complex, detailed projects. Noteworthy features include an automatic color-changing system, and thread-break detection, which ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

4. Comparison Between Smart stitch S1201 vs Maya 1201

We’ve closely examined and compared the Smart Stitch S1201 and Maya 1201 embroidery machines, their attributes, pricing, and user experiences, aiming to help you make the right buying decision. Let’s go for it!


4.1 기본 기능

기본 기능 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
바늘 개수 12 12
헤드 수 1 1
최대 자수 속도 1200SPM 1200SPM
최대 자수 면적 360x510mm 500x400mm
스티치 또는 디자인 최대 저장 1억 1,000만
Machines Size LxWxH with Steel Stand(mm) 700x583x482 750x800x1450
스틸 스탠드 포함 기계 무게(kg) 39kg 120kg

While both machines support multi-needle use, these machines both have similar features. Compare point of view, Maya 1201 overall into a pole position.

4.2 소프트웨어 기능

소프트웨어 기능 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
USB 입력
지원되는 파일 형식 DST, DSB DST, DSB
글꼴 수 아니요 아니요
사전 설정된 자수 디자인 수 불분명 불분명
디자인 소프트웨어 Wilcom dahao servo motor
언어 옵션 영어, 중국어, 프랑스어, 일본어, 아랍어, 스페인어, 포르투갈어, 이탈리아어 영어 영어, 중국어, 프랑스어, 일본어, 아랍어, 스페인어, 포르투갈어, 이탈리아어

.The Smart Stitch S1201 embroidery machines offers a touch-based UI that’s easy to learn and use. Additionally, it supports design digitization, making your art truly unique. On the contrary, the Maya 1201 takes a more traditional approach with its LED panel. This machine might require a bit of a learning curve, but it rewards you with exquisite embroidery work.

4.3 생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능

생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
자동 스레드 변경 yes yes
자동 스레딩 yes yes
자동 스레드 트리밍 yes yes
자수 위치 지정 포인트 불분명 불분명
LCD 터치 스크린 크기 7인치 10인치
자수 실시간 미리보기 불분명 불분명
자동 스레드 중단 감지 yes yes
WiFi 연결 아니요 아니요
자동 메모리 보존 불분명 불분명

The S1201’s advanced auto-value setting and its feature to limit machine operation speed proves handy in increasing production efficiency. On the other hand, Maya 1201’s memory capacity, extra bobbin capacity, and automatic thread detection feature significantly saves time and effort, thus enhancing efficiency.

4.4 자수 생산 안정성 기능

프로덕션 안정성을 위한 기능 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
내구성 yes yes
낮은 스티치 오류 감지 yes yes
프레임 드라이브 시스템 패브릭 면, 가죽, 데님 면, 가죽, 데님/서보 모터

The Smart Stitch S1201 is known for its sturdiness and durability, while the Maya 1201 flaunts high-speed operation without compromising stitch quality and stitch detection .

When it comes to embroidering intricate designs on a t-shirt, the Smart Stitch S1201 grants precise control and versatility, ensuring a flawless outcome every time. When it comes to embroidering designs on hats, the Maya 1201 shines with its exceptional speed and accurate stitching, making it the preferred choice for hat enthusiasts.

4.5 액세서리

액세서리 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
튜브형 후프 포함 불분명 불분명
캡 부착 포함 yes 불분명
플랫 자수 포함 불분명 불분명
기타 포함 durkee durkee
일반 자수 후프 (호환 가능) MaggieFrame / 포켓 후프 MaggieFrame / 포켓 후프
자석 후프 (호환 가능) MaggieFrame / SewTalent / HoopTalent MaggieFrame / SewTalent / HoopTalent
기타 (호환 가능) 불분명 불분명
레이저 인그레이빙 액세서리 불분명 불분명
확장 테이블 yes yes

Both machines come with a variety of hoops, cap frames, and additional tools within the package, making it an attractive deal for many. Maya 1201 has an extension table for a large wide area for production.

4.6 교육/유지보수/애프터서비스의 편의성

생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
사용자 설명서
온라인 교육 비디오
보증 약관

Smart stitch offers free training, and the machine’s price is discussed on request. maya offers pre and post-sales technical support and free software updates. The cost is also provided upon inquiry.

4.7 가격 비교

가격 비교 스마트 스티치 S1201 Maya 1201
가격 범위 4799 USD 9495 USD
온라인 교육 비디오
할부 결제 정책

5. 사용자 리뷰 및 고객 지원

It’s always helpful to hear what others have to say about their experiences with these two machines. One way to gauge the performance and reliability of the Smart stitch S1201 and maya 1201 is through customer reviews, which provide valuable insights into the user experience with these embroidery machines.

5.1 스마트 스티치 S1201 사용자 리뷰

I purchased the S1201 a couple of weeks ago. Mainly to do embroidery for my small business with the hopes that I could grow this into a new business. At this point, the machine has run flawlessly. I am still in the learning and testing stages but there are no machine problems at all. The support team has been great and answered any of my questions both pre and post-purchase. They respond via Facebook messenger very promptly during their business hours which is evening in most of the United States. They have or make videos to answer all your questions. I have never used an embroidery machine before and I was successfully stitching designs on the 2nd day. The machine seems well built and includes all the accessories and supplies you might need. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

영국에서 온 David -2022/2/1

5.2 user review of Maya 1201

Users of Maya 1201 appreciate its precision and high-quality stitch work. However, they do note that the machine could be a bit overwhelming for beginners.

However some beginner with impress and they said like ‘’ I had a great start with Maya embroidery machine 1201 .I hope it will not disappointed you guys .I preferred this one’’.

From reedit 2023/8/8

6. 구매 조언

6.1 예산이 제한된 사용자

For users on a budget, the Smart Stitch S1201 provides excellent value for its cost. With an affordable price and reliable performance, the Smart Stitch S1201 is the perfect choice for customers looking to create intricate embroidery designs without breaking the bank.

6.2 고급 자수 경험을 선호하는 사용자

For those who demand nothing less than high-end precision and quality, the Maya 1201 is worth the extra bucks. For those who are looking to invest in a single-head multi-needle embroidery machine that not only offers high-end precision and quality but also comes with user-friendly features and advanced technology at a more affordable price, the Smart stitch S1201 might be the ideal choice.

6.3 특정 자수 기능에 대한 요구가 있는 사용자

For users with specific needs, it would be wise to review the features of both machines in detail. For instance, if speed and precision are your priority, the Maya 1201 is your best bet. If versatility and functionality are key to you, the Smart Stitch S1201 is your way to go.

7. 호환되는 MaggieFrame 마그네틱 후프 크기

두 머신 모두 다양한 기기와 호환됩니다. MaggieFrame 마그네틱 후프 sizes, granting users the flexibility to work on various project sizes. the Smart Stitch S1201 and Maya 1201 embroidery machines offer an expansive embroidery field, allowing users to create intricate designs on larger fabric pieces.

8. FAQ

Q: How many needles does the Smart Stitch S1201 have?

A:12 바늘

Q: Who manufactures the Smart stitch S1201 and Maya 1201 embroidery machines?

A: smart stitch is made in the USA and Maya is made in China.

Q: What is the warranty period for each machine?

A: 5 years for Maya and 2 years for Smartstitch.

Q: what is the price of the Maya 1201 machine?

A: Between 6 to 10 thousand USD .