1. 소개

Embroidery is a skillful art that has transmuted into a lucrative business today. why do we emerge to compare? that’s because the right equipment can make all the difference.

That’s where the HappyJapan-HCS3 and Avancé 1201C embroidery machines come in. These devices are both powerful, versatile, and packed with features. However, they each hold their unique strengths and are tailored for different needs. Let us embark on a comprehensive comparison to help you determine the best multi-needle embroidery machine for your business or hobby.

2. Overview of HappyJapan-HCS3 embroidery machine

Embracing its inception in Japan, the HCS3 is HappyJapan top-tier single-head model’s latest addition, standing as a testament to the brand’s long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence. It features 12 needles, a high-speed 1,000 stitches per minute motor, a large sewing area(12 x 12 inches Japanese-made), and an easy-to-use LCD touchscreen interface. This Japanese-made machine is built to last with its robust construction.

3. Overview of Avancé 1201C embroidery machine

The Avancé 1201C, on the other hand, is known for its convenient features and innovative design. it comes with a 12-needle setting and 1200 spm speed. standard accessories package, embroidery field ( 400x600mm), and a series of built-in designs front28 onboard front with patterns. Designed in the USA and assembled in China, it aims to offer superior functionality.

4. Comparison Between HappyJapan-HCS3 VS Avancé 1201C

4.1 기본 기능

기본 기능 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
바늘 개수 12 12
헤드 수 1 1
최대 자수 속도 1000SPM 1200SPM
최대 자수 면적 308×308 mm 400x600mm
스티치 또는 디자인 최대 저장 100 million/300 100 million/800
스틸 스탠드 포함 기계 크기 LxWxH(mm) 635Lx736.6Wx736.9H 750Lx900Wx1500H
스틸 스탠드 포함 기계 무게(kg) 39kg 90kg

Both machines have single-head same multi-needle configurations. They can perform at high speed and work on designs with complex color palettes without unnecessary thread changes. At 1,200 stitches per minute, the avancé 1201C is slightly faster than the HappyJapan-HCS3, which operates at 1,000 stitches per minute, which makes production increase better than Happyjapan

4.2 소프트웨어 기능

소프트웨어 기능 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
USB 입력 yes yes
지원되는 파일 형식 DST,dsb DST
글꼴 수 불분명 90
사전 설정된 자수 디자인 수 불분명 불분명
디자인 소프트웨어 wilcom coldesi software language
language Options English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish,Portuguese, Italian,Korean English,Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian,Korean

Embroidery software compatibility is essential for custom designs. Both machines work with popular editing software like Wilcom and Col Design Deck. avancé 1201C has 90 fonts of the letter. However, HappyJapanHCS3 also supports its proprietary HAPPYLANE software, which could be an advantage for those comfortable with this program. both machine has wifi connectivity which is good for users easy to use. HappyJapan has foot pressure which makes a difference with Avancé 1201C in software comparison.

4.3 생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능

생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
자동 스레드 변경 yes yes
자동 스레딩 yes yes
자동 스레드 트리밍 yes/laser yes
자수 위치 지정 포인트 불분명 불분명
LCD 터치 스크린 크기 7인치 10.1inch
Real-time Preview 불분명 불분명
Photo Embroidery yes yes
WiFi 연결 yes yes
자동 메모리 보존 불분명 불분명

HappyJapanHCS3’s laser positioning feature, combined with the automatic thread trimmer, significantly reduces time wastage and increases accuracy. The avancé 1201C stands out for its automatic color change feature and large stitch memory design, enhancing work efficiency with less manual intervention makes comparison of increasing production efficiency.

4.4 자수 생산 안정성 기능

생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
Bottom and Top Thread Break Detection
Frame iron aluminum servo motor

HappyJapanHCS3, with its durable iron-aluminum frame, ensures every stitch lands exactly where intended. avancé 1201c has dedicated servo motors for smooth, quiet operations, ensuring minimal disturbances. Both machines have durability and error detection.

4.5 액세서리

생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
튜브형 후프 포함 불분명 불분명
캡 부착 포함 2.6 x 11.4inch 17.5x9x2inch
플랫 자수 포함 아니요 아니요
기타 포함 MaggieFrame/SewTalent MaggieFrame/sewtalent
일반 자수 후프 (호환 가능) 불분명 불분명
자석 후프 (호환 가능) MaggieFrame MaggieFrame
기타 (호환 가능) 불분명 불분명
레이저 인그레이빙 액세서리 아니요 아니요
확장 테이블 불분명 불분명

Both machines have desirable accessories like cap frames and hoops. But avancé 1201C has a slight edge with a larger standard accessory package, including a startup tool kit and basic supplies. Furthermore, both the HappyJapanHCS3 VS and avancé 1201C boasts the ability to handle multiple frames simultaneously, allowing for seamless transitions between different embroidery designs and significantly reducing the time spent on re-hooping.

4.6 Convenience of Training/Maintenance/After-sales Service

생산 효율성 향상을 위한 기능 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
사용자 설명서
온라인 교육 비디오
보증 약관

HappyJapan-HCS3 offers free training, and the machine’s price is discussed on request. avancé 1201C offers pre and post-sales technical support and free software updates. The cost is also provided upon inquiry.

4.7 가격 비교

가격 비교 HappyJapan-HCS3 Avancé 1201C
가격 범위 10600Usd 9495Usd
온라인 교육 비디오
할부 결제 정책

5. 사용자 리뷰 및 고객 지원

HappyJapan prioritizes customer satisfaction, as evidenced by a hearty network of skilled technicians and service centers. avancé’sWhile both brands are committed to offering robust customer services, Avancé extensive training services place it slightly ahead.

5.1 User review of HappyJapan-HCS3

After spending time with the HappyJapan- HCS3 commercial embroidery machine, we wholeheartedly recommend it for small to medium-sized business owners. Its user-friendly interface, impressive speed and precision, generous embroidery area, and versatile features make it a valuable asset in any embroidery shop.

The HCS3 is an investment that can help elevate your business by producing high-quality embroidery products and improving your overall efficiency. So go ahead, give the HCS3 a try, and let it work its magic for your embroidery business!

Recommend from a business owner from England Harry -2023/1/1

5.2 Avancé 1201C 사용자 리뷰

This is my second time making a major purchase with ColDesi. My sales assistant, Ed Steele, always comes through for me! He provides timely answers to my research and questions, helping me to be able to make informed decisions when purchasing equipment for my business. He made the process seamless and pleasurable. Thank you, again, for such a great customer experience.

Vedo from12-needle the Netherlands -2023/2/7

6. 구매 조언

6.1 예산이 제한된 사용자

Avancé 1201C is a good choice if you’re watching the budget. It’s a more budget-friendly option with an extensive set of features.

6.2 고급 자수 경험을 선호하는 사용자

Both machines have considerably influenced the embroidery industry, inspiring manufacturers to innovate and strive for excellence. According to embroidery experiments, experts will go to HappyJapan.

6.3 특정 자수 기능에 대한 요구가 있는 사용자

If your patterns involve complex color creation or large-scale work, consider the Avancé 1201C because of its large stitch memory and automatic color change.

7. 호환성 MaggieFrame Hoop Sizes

Both machines offer a good range of hoop sizes like 6.5’’ to 6.5’’, and 6.9’ to 6.9’’. However, the specialized range of 마그네틱 후프, M sizes, are available upon request.

8. FAQ

Q: How many needles does each machine have?

A: The HappyJapanHCS3VS and Avancé 1201C, bot10-needle multi-needle embroidery machines, offer a wide range of 12 and 10 needle options to cater to various embroidery projects reason.

Q: What type of screen does the HCS3 embroidery machine have?

A:The HCS3 comes with a 7″ colour LCD touchscreen control panel, which allows you to easily navigate through the machine’s features, access designs, and adjust settings as needed. This user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient workflow.single-head