In the realm of single head multi-needle embroidery machines, the choices can be overwhelming. Manufacturers promise efficiency, quality, and ease, but how do these claims hold up under scrutiny? This article delves into the capabilities, benefits, user reviews and drawbacks of two notable models: the Zsk 7 and the BAi Vision V22, providing insights and advice to help you make an informed purchase.

2. Overview of ZSK sprint 7 embroidery machine

The first thing is noticeable about Zsk sprint 7 is this machine is much wider embroidery head compared to the other embroidery machines . its renowned for German manufacturing machine , It’s designed to meet the demands of both beginners and seasoned embroiderers. Its equipped with 18 needles ,auto color change , thread detection ,led illumination of embroidery area 460×310 mm. The sprint 7 is versatile for bulky production such as bags for finishing for small parts.

3. Overview of Bai Vision v22 embroidery machine

The BAi Vision V22, on the other hand, introduces a modern approach with its innovative technology and user-friendly interface. It emphasizes automation, with features like auto-thread trimming and color change, which significantly reduce manual input and streamline the embroidery process. Its works with 15 needle and embroidery field 400×500 mm .Bai vision v22 has more user friendly options like USB and wifi ,titanium gold needle which can embroidered high hardness on caps .

4. Comparison Between ZSK sprint 7 vs Bai Vision v22

4.1 基本機能

基本機能 Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
針の本数 18 15
ヘッド数 1 1
最高刺繍速度 1200SPM 1200SPM
最大刺繍面積 460x310mm 400x500mm
ステッチまたはデザインの最大保存数 8000万ドル 2000万ドル
マシンサイズ LxWxH(スチールスタンド付き)(mm) 850x1300x1300 787x750x1600
機械重量(スチールスタンド付き)(kg) 270 kg 280kg

Both machines offer multiple needles and same stitch speed , allowing a wide range of colors in a single design without manual thread changes. The Zsk 7 excels in stitch quality, whereas the BAi Vision V22 focuses on speed and efficiency, making it slightly faster in operation.

4.2 ソフトウェアの機能

ソフトウェアの特徴 Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
USB入力 はい はい
対応ファイル形式 Dst,Dsb,Ksm Dst,Dsb
フォント数 不明確 不明確
プリセット刺繍デザイン数 不明確 不明確
デザイン・ソフトウェア T8 institch
言語オプション 18 language 13 language

The Zsk 7 comes with powerful software that offers extensive design customization options. It’s particularly noted for its 3D embroidery capabilities. The BAi Vision V22, however, shines with its intuitive interface and the ability make suitable for mass production .

4.3 生産効率を高める機能

生産効率を高める機能 Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
自動スレッド交換 はい はい
自動スレッディング はい はい
自動糸切り はい はい
刺繍位置決めポイント はい はい
LCDタッチスクリーンサイズ 10インチ 10インチ
刺繍リアルタイムプレビュー はい 不明確
自動糸切れ検出 はい はい
WiFi接続 不明確 不明確
自動メモリー保持 不明確 不明確

Further, the BAi Vision V22 automates many tasks, significantly improving production efficiency for commercial operations. The Zsk 7, with its reliable performance, minimizes downtime and maintenance, thus ensuring steady production flow., a ZSK embroidery machine stops automatically if the upper or lower thread breaks or the thread runs out in the bobbin.

4.4 刺繍の生産安定性の特徴

生産安定性向上のための機能 Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
耐久性 はい はい
低スティッチエラー検出 はい はい
フレーム駆動システム T-shirts ,jackets,bags bags,jackets,shoes

Stability is key in embroidery, and here, the Zsk 7’s solid build minimizes vibrations, even at high speeds, ensuring precision. The BAi Vision V22 boasts a smart vibration suppression system that achieves similar results, making them quite comparable in this aspect.

4.5 アクセサリー

アクセサリー Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
チューブラーフープ付属 はい はい
キャップ・アタッチメント付属 はい はい
フラット刺繍を含む はい はい
レギュラー刺繍フープ (互換性あり) MaggieFrame / Pocket Hoop/Durkee MaggieFrame / Pocket Hoop/Durkee
マグネット式刺繍フープ (互換性あり) MaggieFrame/ソータレント/HoopTalent MaggieFrame/ソータレント/HoopTalent
その他 (互換性あり) 不明確 不明確
レーザー彫刻アクセサリー 不明確 不明確
エクステンション・テーブル はい はい

Accessories can greatly extend a machine’s capabilities. The Zsk 7 offers a wide range of optional attachments for different embroidery techniques pocket hoop. In contrast, the BAi Vision V22 focuses on providing a comprehensive starter kit, making it a more out-of-the-box solution.

4.6 トレーニング/メンテナンス/アフターサービスの利便性

After-sales Service Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
ユーザーマニュアル Yes Yes
オンライン・トレーニング・ビデオ Yes Yes
保証条件 Yes Yes

The Zsk 7 often carries a higher price tag, justified by its superior build quality and versatility. BAi offers competitive pricing for the Vision V22, along with commendable after-sales support, which includes online tutorials and a responsive customer service team.

4.7 価格比較

価格比較 Zsk sprint 7 BAi Vision v22
価格帯 4799 米ドル 9495 米ドル
オンライン・トレーニング・ビデオ イエス イエス
分割払いポリシー イエス イエス


5.1 user review of Zsk Sprint 7

I have a ton of experience with industrial sewing machines. I’m familiar with the importance of maintaining your equipment regularly, and have a spectacular repair man, but I was curious if anyone on here has ever used the ZSK Sprint 7. How much was it purchased for? What should I expect to see for pricing, (it’s never listed anywhere). If you had it shipped, what were duties like? (also is there a way to avoid them lol) Lemme know!! Thanks!

Henry from France 2023/2/19

5.2 user review of BAi Vision v22

I recently bought my first embroidery machine from Bai. Like most people, I was a bit nervous about buying sewing machine from overseas and without being able to see the machine in person. However, after watching videos on YouTube and reading posts on Facebook from customers, I felt at ease. Cathy Han was my rep and she was/is awesome! Despite our huge time difference she is sure to get back to me with answers to my questions quickly. Even after the sale she continues to check in to see how things are going and make sure I am successful. I would recommend Bai to anyone looking to get a multi needle embroidery machine. Thank you Bai and thank you Cathy!

Amazon point 2022/9/19


6.1 予算が限られているユーザー

For those on a tight budget, the BAi Vision V22 presents a compelling value proposition, offering modern features at a more accessible price point.

6.2 高級刺繍体験を好むユーザー

For enthusiasts and professionals looking for unrivaled precision and versatility, the Zsk 7 stands out as the preferred choice.

6.3 特定の刺繍機能を必要とするユーザー

The decision between these machines should also factor in the specific embroidery techniques and materials you plan to use. Identify your requirements and choose the machine that best fits those needs.


どちらのマシンも、さまざまな MaggieFrameマグネットフープ sizes, granting users the flexibility to work on various project sizes.Both machines support a range of Maggieframe magnetic hoop sizes, enhancing their flexibility. It’s advisable to check the compatibility based on the models for optimal use.


>what is the price of Zsk sprint 7?

Zsk price range is 10,000 Usd to 15,000 Usd

>Can these machines embroider on all types of fabric?

Yes, with the appropriate settings and accessories, both machines can handle a wide range of fabrics.

>How important is after-sales service?

The quality of after-sales support can greatly affect your machine’s longevity and the overall user experience. Both brands offer robust support networks.

>what is the price of Bai vision V22 series ?

The base price of Bai V22 machine starts with 8000 Usd .