Embroidery machines have come a long way since their inception, transforming the textile industry with their efficiency and innovation. Today, let’s dive deep into a comparison between two eminent machines that stand out in the modern embroidery landscape: the Tajima TMBP-1501 and the Ricoma TC-1501. We’ll scrutinize their features, software, production efficiency, stability, accessories, and customer support to guide both budding and seasoned embroiderers in making an informed purchase decision.

2. Overview of Tajima TMBP 1501 Embroidery Machine

について Tajima TMBP-1501, a single-head 15-needle embroidery machine, is renowned for its robustness and versatility. It stands out with its “Tubular” design, allowing for easy material handling and exceptional embroidery machines quality on a wide range of products. Ideal for small businesses and boutique operations, it offers swift color changes and precision in intricate designs, making it a reliable partner for high-volume, high-quality embroidery tasks.

3. Overview of Ricoma TC-1501Embroidery Machine

The Ricoma TC-1501, on the other hand, positions itself as a user-friendly, efficient model perfect for those new to embroidery machine or looking to expand their operations. With an intuitive control panel and versatile design options, it caters to both beginners and experienced users. Its strength lies in its adaptability handling various fabrics and designs with ease, ensuring that every project is finished professionally and efficiently.

4. Comparison Between Tajima TMBP 1501 vs Ricoma TC-1501

4.1 基本機能

基本機能 Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
針の本数 15 15
ヘッド数 1 1
最高刺繍速度 1200SPM 1200SPM
最大刺繍面積 360x500mm 500x350mm
ステッチまたはデザインの最大保存数 30 million 2000万ドル
マシンサイズ LxWxH(スチールスタンド付き)(mm) 760x860x960 770x830x1600
機械重量(スチールスタンド付き)(kg) 95kg 140 kg

Tajima TMBP-1501 supports intricate design creation with its advanced needle system, allowing for a seamless transition between colors and materials. Ricoma TC-1501, while it may have a slower speed, compensates with its user-friendly interface and broader material compatibility, making it accessible for all user levels.

4.2 ソフトウェアの機能

ソフトウェアの特徴 Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
USB入力 Yes Yes
対応ファイル形式 DST、DSB DST、DSB
フォント数 不明確 不明確
プリセット刺繍デザイン数 Yes Yes
デザイン・ソフトウェア ウィルコム Ricoma Cloud
言語オプション Multiple Multiple

The software accompanying the Tajima TMBP-1501 embroidery machine offers extensive design manipulation capabilities, catering to those who require precision and customization. The Ricoma TC-1501 software is lauded for its simplicity and effectiveness, enabling quick learning and efficiency even for those with minimal technical knowledge.

4.3 生産効率を高める機能

生産効率を高める機能 Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
自動スレッド交換 はい はい
自動スレッディング はい はい
自動糸切り はい はい
刺繍位置決めポイント 不明確 不明確
LCDタッチスクリーンサイズ 12インチ 7インチ
刺繍リアルタイムプレビュー 不明確 不明確
自動糸切れ検出 はい はい
WiFi接続 いいえ いいえ
自動メモリー保持 不明確 不明確

The Tajima embroidery machine model shines in production speed and reliability, making it suitable for businesses with heavy workloads.

The Ricoma model, while slightly less powerful, provides ample efficiency for startups or small to medium-sized businesses aiming for quality over quantity.

4.4 刺繍の生産安定性の特徴

Features for Increasing Production Stability Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
耐久性 はい はい
低スティッチエラー検出 はい はい
フレーム駆動システム Cotton,leather,denim,caps コットン、レザー、デニム

Both embroidery machine uphold their brand’s history of manufacturing stable and resilient equipment. Tajima is synonymous with durability and longevity, ensuring that your investment will withstand the test of time and heavy use.

Ricoma Prides itself on stability and ease of maintenance, ensuring that downtime are minimized, and productivity is maximized.

4.5 アクセサリー

Acessories Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
チューブラーフープ付属 はい はい
キャップ・アタッチメント付属 はい はい
フラット刺繍を含む はい はい
レギュラー刺繍フープ (互換性あり) ダーキー ダーキー
マグネット式刺繍フープ (互換性あり) MaggieFrame / 縫製タレント / HoopTalent MaggieFrame/ソータレント/HoopTalent
その他 (互換性あり) 不明確 不明確
レーザー彫刻アクセサリー 不明確 不明確
エクステンション・テーブル はい Yes

The Tajima TMBP-1501 offers a wide range of optional accessories to expand its versatility further.

Ricoma TC-1501 is also compatible with various accessories, albeit with a focus on enhancing user convenience and machine adaptability.

4.6 トレーニング/メンテナンス/アフターサービスの利便性

After-sales Service Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
ユーザーマニュアル Yes Yes
オンライン・トレーニング・ビデオ Yes Yes
保証条件 Yes Yes

Ricoma offers free training, and the machine’s price is discussed on request.Tajima offers pre and post-sales technical support and free software updates. The cost is also provided upon inquiry.

4.7 価格比較

価格比較 Tajima TMBP 1501 Ricoma TC-1501
価格帯 13500 USD 9700 USD
オンライン・トレーニング・ビデオ Yes Yes
分割払いポリシー Yes Yes



5.1 User review of Tajima TMBP 1501

The Tajima rep told me the SAI is not the way if you want to run it for a business. You should only get it if you need a super small machine, otherwise it makes Way more sense to get the TMEZ or TMBR

Reddit 2023.1.19

5.2 user review of Ricoma TC-1501

I find it hard to believe that a company selling products for what they cost would fall short on customer service but you never know.

I’ve heard great things about the 1501. What’s your experience with it and do you have any comparison on quality (of both the machine and the finished work) against other machines by any chance?


6.1 予算が限られているユーザー

For those watching their finances, the Ricoma TC-1501 presents a compelling case with its affordability and efficient performance.

6.2 高級刺繍体験を好むユーザー

For businesses aiming for top-notch quality and production capacity, investing in the Tajima TMBP-1501 could streamline operations and boost productivity.

6.3 特定の刺繍機能を必要とするユーザー

Both machines cater to various requirements; however, detailing your exact needs can help identify which features of either machine best align with your objectives.


どちらのマシンも、さまざまな MaggieFrameマグネットフープ sizes,Both machines support a range of MaggieFrame magnetic hoop sizes, enhancing their adaptability and the precision of embroidery projects.


Q: Can these machines embroider on all types of fabric?

A: Yes, both machines are designed to handle a variety of fabrics, though the Tajima TMBP-1501 may have a slight edge in handling very delicate or very tough materials.

Q: Are these machines suitable for beginners?

A: The Ricoma TC-1501 is notably user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners, while the Tajima TMBP-1501, though more complex, offers detailed guides and support for new users.