The world of embroidery machines offers many brands, models, and specifications. Among these various options, Brother PR1055X and Brother PR1000E have consistently demonstrated excellence in performance and user satisfaction. Here, we will delve into an in-depth comparison of the two models, enabling you to decide based on your specific requirements.

2. Overview of brother PR1055X embroidery machine

The Brother PR1055X is a highly dynamic, 10-needle embroidery machine that allows users to power through various projects at speed.up to 1000 stitches per minute and a generous embroidery area of 14″x8″ inches.. It boasts of 130 built-in designs with automatic threading, offering multiple color options without the need for frequent changing.It has an impressive array of features like customization embroidery area illumination.

3. Overview of brother PR1000Eembroidery machine

The Brother PR1000E, another heavy-duty commercial machine 10-needle embroidery machine, also holds a lot of promise for embroidery enthusiasts. Its strengths include its precise color sorting system, automatic threading, and an extensive library of 110 built-in designs.It provides high-speed processing (up to 1000 stitches per minute) and a vast embroidery area of 14″x8″ inches. The machine includes 10 needle positions and an automatic threading feature.

4. Comparison Between brother PR1055X vs brother PR1000E

4.1 基本機能

基本機能 brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
針の本数 10 10
ヘッド数 1 1
最高刺繍速度 1000SPM 1000SPM
最大刺繍面積 355.6×203.2 355.6×203.2
ステッチまたはデザインの最大保存数 いいえ いいえ
マシンサイズ LxWxH(スチールスタンド付き)(mm) 584.2×558.8×762 584.2×558.8×762
機械重量(スチールスタンド付き)(kg) 64kg 61kg

Both models provide 10 needles for multi-color embroidering without thread changes. They also both provide sizable embroidery areas, automatic color sorting systems, and built-in design editing capabilities just slightly difference from PR1050X.

4.2 ソフトウェアの機能

ソフトウェアの特徴 brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
対応ファイル形式 DST、DSB DST、DSB
フォント数 37 30
プリセット刺繍デザイン数 不明確 不明確
デザイン・ソフトウェア artspira artspira
言語オプション 英語、中国語、フランス語、日本語、アラビア語、スペイン語、ポルトガル語、イタリア語 英語 英語、中国語、フランス語、日本語、アラビア語、スペイン語、ポルトガル語、イタリア語

Both models boast an advanced user interface with an LCD touch screen. Notably, the Brother PR1055X offers improved visual acuity with an HD LCD touchscreen, making it easier for users to interact and design intricate embroidery patterns.brpother PR 1050X number 37 built in fronts while PR100E have 30.

4.3 生産効率を高める機能

生産効率を高める機能 brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
自動スレッド交換 はい はい
自動スレッディング はい はい
自動糸切り はい はい
刺繍位置決めポイント 不明確 不明確
LCDタッチスクリーンサイズ 10.1 inch 10.1 inch
刺繍リアルタイムプレビュー はい はい
自動糸切れ検出 はい はい
WiFi接続 はい はい
自動メモリー保持 不明確 不明確

Both machine have similar features for increasing production efficiency but,Brother PR1055X takes a lead here with its advanced InnovEye Technology. It’s a market-first camera-like technology that offers a clear and precise view of the workspace—enhancing the embroidering process.

4.4 刺繍の生産安定性の特徴

生産安定性のための特徴 brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
耐久性 はい はい
低スティッチエラー検出 はい はい
フレーム駆動システム コットン、デニム コットン、デニム

In terms of stability, both models come with high-speed acceleration, ensuring efficient production without compromising the stability of the machine. The noise reduction in Brother PR1055X makes it slightly more favorable.

4.5 アクセサリー

アクセサリー brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
チューブラーフープ付属 はい はい
キャップ・アタッチメント付属 はい はい
フラット刺繍を含む 4 2
その他 不明確 不明確
レギュラー刺繍フープ (互換性あり) MaggieFrame/ポケットフープ MaggieFrame/ポケットフープ
マグネット式刺繍フープ (互換性あり) MaggieFrame / 縫製タレント / HoopTalent MaggieFrame/ソータレント/HoopTalent
その他 (互換性あり) 不明確 不明確
レーザー彫刻アクセサリー 不明確 不明確
エクステンション・テーブル 不明確 不明確

Both machines include frames, bobbins, needles, and a tool kit. The PR1055X, however, comes with a bonus of 4 flat embroidery frames, while PR1000E offers two.

Both machines come with a range of accessories including hoops, needle sets, spool nets, and embroidery foot among others. However, PR1055X comes with magnetic sash frames providing ease in doing larger projects.

4.6 トレーニング/メンテナンス/アフターサービスの利便性

生産効率を高める機能 brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
ユーザーマニュアル イエス イエス
オンライン・トレーニング・ビデオ イエス イエス
保証条件 イエス イエス

brother PR1055X offers free training, and the machine’s price is discussed on request. brother PR1000E offers pre and post-sales technical support and free software updates. The cost is also provided upon inquiry.

4.7 価格比較

価格比較 brother PR1055X brother PR1000E
価格帯 6799 to 9000 USD 6000 to 8000 USD
オンライン・トレーニング・ビデオ イエス イエス
分割払いポリシー イエス イエス



5.1 User review of brother PR1055X

Users appreciate the PR1055X for its efficiency, easy usage, and innovative features. The ‘My Design Center’ has specifically garnered positive reviews.

The Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1055X will probably be the most innovative embroidery machine to ever hit the market. It packs the latest and the most advanced in embroidery technology in a very durable and compact body, and lets you go well beyond what the traditional embroidery machines could ever offer.

Holsey from England 2023/3/1

5.2 user review of brother PR1000E

I have actually got both the machines you asked for a comparison. My first machine was the Innovates and this was pretty precise but like your existing machine the hoop is attached to the machine on just one side. It handles most things well and positioning for larger designs that need more than one hooping is easy with the eye technology. Both the machines have a camera which allows perfect placement of long or large designs such as borders. However, for the most perfect stitch out the PR1000e is very hard to beat. Because it is a semi-professional machine, placement, accuracy and near absence of “birds-nest” this is the machine I would recommend if your budget allows.

Clay from Switzerland 2023/5/1


6.1 予算が限られているユーザー

If the budget is tight, consider the Brother PR1000E. It offers many advanced features similar to the PR1055X but at a lower cost.

6.2 高級刺繍体験を好むユーザー

For those who want the best of the best, the Brother PR1055X is the call to make. The “My Design Center” and added accessories make it worth the investment.

6.3 特定の刺繍機能を必要とするユーザー

Specific needs should guide your choice. Detailed custom work benefits from PR1055X’s ‘My Design Center’, while fast mass production needs may find PR1000E’s ‘InnovEye Plus’ useful.

7.互換性 MaggieFrame magnetic Hoop Sizes

Both the Brother PR1055X and PR1000E are compatible with a range of Maggieframe Magnetic Hoop sizes, offering users flexibility in embroidery design scales. Like – 4’’x4’’,8’’x14’’,1.5’’x2’’.


Q :Which machine design more built in design?

A: brother pr1050x

Q: is both machine has good embroidery area ?

A: yes both machine have same embroidery area .