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Choosing the perfect MaggieFrame with mighty force for your Brother PR or VR embroidery machine or same machine like Baby Lock brand is an easy task.

First, have your embroidery hoop on hand, and observe the hoop length – it varies for different hoop sizes when it comes to Brother embroidery machines. However, no need to measure it.

When purchasing through our online store, simply select your preferred MaggieFrame embroidery hoop size and your embroidery machine brand. For those with a Brother PR embroidery machines like Brother PR1055x, PR650, PR680, PR670 PR1050x, confirm that your embroidery machines is a Brother PR. Similarly, if you have a Brother VR embroidery machine, a Brother PRS100, or a Baby Lock equivalent, verify your sewing machine as a Brother VR. Rest assured, we have already designed and validated metal brackets specifically for Brother PR and VR embroidery machines.

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