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Measure your embroidery hoop length: Use a tape measure to gauge the hoop length of your current embroidery frame. The embroidery hoops should be measured in millimeters, for example, the embroidery hoops for Happy embroidery machine measures 355mm, which is roughly equivalent to 14in.

Allow for minor variations: Bear in mind that the dimensions you measure may be 1-2mm different from the hoop sizes we have listed in our catalog or online store. It may be caused by the measuring method. This slight variance will not affect the fit of the embroidery frames on your embroidery machine.

Make your selection: Upon receiving your MaggieFrame magic embroidery hoops with mighty force, you’ll find that the magnetic embroidery hoop for Happy embroidery machines usually comes in two lengths, 355mm (14in) and 495mm (19.5in).

When purchasing your MaggieFrame magnetic hoop for Happy embroidery machines, simply select the embroidery hoop length that matches your current one, choose your preferred MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery frames size, and you’ll have the perfect fit you’ve been seeking. Embrace the precision and convenience that our sewing tools provide, transforming your embroidery experience.

We hope this guide assists you in selecting the right MaggieFrame magnetic hoops for your embroidery work. For more information about MaggieFrame or how to use it, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help make your embroidery hoop work seamless and enjoyable.

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