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Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we’re focusing on the revolutionary MaggieFrame – a magnetic embroidery hoop designed to make your embroidery Hooping effortless. Thanks to its powerful magnetism, it streamlines your embroidery hooping work, especially if you own a Ricoma brand embroidery machine.

But how do you select the right MaggieFrame embroidery size for your Ricoma embroidery machine?

In this blog, we will provide you a detailed introduction to the embroidery sizes of MaggieFrame, and compare the differences between various MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops and Ricoma regular hoops.

Stick around and this blog will help you to choose the right MaggieFrames.

Guideline on How to Choose MaggieFrame Embroidery Size– by Comparison between Ricoma regular hoop and MaggieFrame magnetic hoop by size

We also have prepared a detailed video explanation for you, just click this link to view it:

1. MaggieFrame (100x100mm) vs Regular Hoop (90mm):

The 100mm by 100mm or 3.9in by 3.9in MaggieFrame magic hoop provides a slightly larger embroidery area than the standard 90mm hoop. It is especially suited for small logos or chest logo projects.

2. MaggieFrame (130x130mm) vs Regular Hoop (120mm):

The 5.1in by 5.1in or 130mm by 130mm MaggieFrame is comparable in size to the standard 120mm hoop. If this is a size you frequently use, consider selecting the 5.1in by 5.1in MaggieFrame magnetic hoop and pair it with the 39.5cm bracket. Using these two components together will ensure an ideal match for your embroidery machine.

3. MaggieFrame (165x165mm) vs Regular Hoop (150mm):

Comparing the standard 150mm hoop to the 165mm by 165mm (or 6.5in by 6.5in) MaggieFrame, the latter offers a larger workspace. The 150mm size is commonly used for chest logo embroidery. So if you want to buy the embroidery hoop, this size the 6.5in by 6.5in is a good choice, if you need a little bit smaller the 5.1in by 5.1in is also very popular.

4. MaggieFrame (215x230mm) vs Regular Hoop (210mm):

The 8.5in by 9.0 in or 215mm by 230mm MaggieFrame offers a larger embroidery area than the 210mm regular hoop. This larger size offers more flexibility, enabling you to take on more extensive embroidery projects or produce a wider variety of embroidery work.

5. MaggieFrame (240x240mm) vs Regular Hoop (300x300mm):

The 9.5in by 9.5in or 240mm by 240mm MaggieFrame, when compared to the 300mm by 300mm regular hoop, is slightly smaller but is nevertheless a popular choice for a wide variety of embroidery tasks.

Beyond the five sizes of MaggieFrame magic hoop that we compare with the tubular hoop, we offer over ten additional sizes of MaggieFrame magnetic hoop for selection. This variety is due to the varying needs of embroidery workshops and companies, each requiring unique dimensions for their specific embroidery projects.Next, we will introduce another six popular embroidery hoops of MaggieFrame.

6. MaggieFrame (195x70mm):

The 195mm by 70mm or 7.6in by 2.7in MaggieFrame size is particularly well-suited for embroidering sleeves. Its unique dimension makes it an essential tool for those needing specific sizes for particular projects. Its precision and ease of use set it apart from the traditional hoops.

7. MaggieFrame (320x100mm):

The 320mm by 100mm or 12.6in by 3.9in MaggieFrame has an impressive embroidery area, making it an ideal tool for trousers embroidery. This size is perfect for those who need a larger workspace compared to what regular hoops provide.

8. MaggieFrame (175x175mm):

The 175mm by 175mm or 6.9in by 6.9in MaggieFrame is comparable to the traditional 180mm round hoop. However, the MaggieFrame’s square shape offers a more optimal use of the embroidery area and provides more flexibility for your designs.

9. MaggieFrame (265x315mm):

The 265mm by 315mm or 10.5in by 12.4in MaggieFrame provides a considerable embroidery area, perfect for jacket backing embroidery. Depending on the machine you’re using, there are multiple hoop lengths available (445m, 495mm, or 600mm), allowing for customization based on your specific needs.

10. MaggieFrame (315x395mm):

The second largest size in our range, the 315mm by 395mm or 12.4in by 15.6in MaggieFrame, is ideal for jacket backing embroidery jobs. With minimum hoop length options of 495mm and 600mm, it’s an excellent choice for those working with Ricoma brand embroidery machines or any other brands that support regular embroidery hoops.

11. MaggieFrame (430x390mm):

Our largest offering, the 430mm by 390mm or 17in by 15.5in MaggieFrame, is a powerful tool specifically for jacket backing embroidery jobs. Its sizable dimensions enable large, intricate designs to be embroidered with precision.

For over 15 years, our company has been dedicated to providing superior tools for your embroidery needs. The MaggieFrame line, with its wide range of sizes, is designed to match your projects perfectly, improving both the efficiency and quality of your embroidery work. Remember, when purchasing a MaggieFrame, the key is to check the inside dimensions and choose the right metal brackets to match the requirements of your machine.

To conclude, understanding these size comparisons is crucial in choosing the perfect MaggieFrame embroidery hoop to enhance your embroidery work. Here’s to more precision and creativity in your future projects!