Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we’re focusing on the revolutionary MaggieFrame – a magnetic embroidery hoop designed to make your embroidery Hooping effortless. Thanks to its strong magnet, it streamlines your embroidery hooping work, especially if you own a Happy brand embroidery machine.

But how do you select the right MaggieFrame embroidery hoop size for Happy embroidery machine?

In this blog, we will provide you a detailed introduction to the hoop sizes of MaggieFrame with mighty force, and compare the differences between various MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops and Happy regular hoops.

Stick around and this blog will help you to choose the right MaggieFrames.

Guideline on How to Choose MaggieFrame Embroidery Size– by Comparison between Happy regular hoop and MaggieFrame magnetic hoop by size

We also have prepared a detailed video explanation for you, just click this link to view it:

1 MaggieFrame magnetic hoop (100x100mm) vs Happy embroidery hoop (90mm):

The 100mm by 100mm (3.9in by 3.9in) MaggieFrame embroidery hoop is an excellent choice for small logos or chest logo projects, offering a slightly larger work area than the 90mm Happy hoop.

2 MaggieFrame magnetic hoop (100x100mm) vs Happy embroidery hoop (120mm):

Interestingly, the 100mm by 100mm (3.9in by 3.9in) MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop perfectly matches the size of a 120mm Happy hoop, making it a versatile choice for various projects.

3 MaggieFrame magnetic hoop (130x130mm) vs Happy embroidery hoop (150mm):

The 130mm by 130mm (5.1in by 5.1in) MaggieFrame magic hoop offers a slightly smaller work area than the 150mm Happy embroidery hoop, but still provides ample space for most embroidery designs. This is a perfect size for the left or right chest logo embroidery, and this is a very popular and communal size.

4 MaggieFrame magnetic hoop (175x175mm) vs Happy embroidery hoop (180mm):

The 175mm by 175mm (6.9in by 6.9in) MaggieFrame embroidery hoop with mighty force provides a decently large work area, making it a popular choice for a range of embroidery designs.

5 MaggieFrame magnetic hoop (215x230mm) vs Happy embroidery hoop (210mm):

The 215mm by 230mm (8.5in by 9.0in) MaggieFrame magic embroidery hoop offers an extensive embroidery area, ideal for larger designs and nearly equal to the 210mm Happy embroidery hoop.

6 The MaggieFrame magnetic hoop (240x240mm) vs Happy embroidery hoop (300mm):

Our MaggieFrame hoops that measures 240mm by 240mm – equivalent to an inside dimension of 9.5in by 9.5in. For Happy embroidery machines that can accept a hoop length of up to 355mm, this MaggieFrame embroidery frame emerges as the largest magnetic hoop available in the market that can seamlessly fit on your machine. The comparison is striking, underscoring the value MaggieFrame sewing hoop brings in accommodating a broader canvas for your intricate designs.

But the versatility of MaggieFrame embroidery machine hoops doesn’t stop here. If you have a Happy embroidery machine that can accept a more substantial hoop length of 495mm, we offer three additional bigger sizes to enhance your creative possibilities.

7 The (265x315mm) MaggieFrame magnetic hoop:

First, consider the MaggieFrame magic embroidery hoop with an inside dimension of 265mm by 315mm. This size, equivalent to 10.5in by 12.4in, extends the boundaries of your design space, allowing for more expansive and intricate patterns.This embroidery hoop have a biger size than the 300x300mm Happy tubular hoop.

8 The (315x395mm) MaggieFrame magnetic hoop:

Furthermore, our range includes two larger MaggieFrame embroidery frames, perfectly suited for grand scale embroidery projects. One such size is 315mm by 395mm or 12.4in by 15.6in, noticeably bigger than the standard Happy tubular hoop size of 320mm by 320mm. This comparison paints a clear picture of the additional design space made available by our MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop.

9 The (430x390mm) MaggieFrame magnetic hoop:

Our range also boasts the largest size of MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops currently in our product line. This hoop, with an inside dimension of 430mm by 390mm or 17.0in by 15.5in, stands unrivaled when compared to the original Happy tubular hoop size of 320mm by 320mm. Please note, this hoop size is compatible only with Happy embroidery machines that can accept a hoop length of 495mm.

In addition to these diverse hoop sizes already introduced, MaggieFrame magnetic frames offers another nine hoop sizes, allowing for an incredible array of options tailored to fit your specific embroidery projects such as hat, pocket logo, jacket, jeans, sweatshirt, or handbag, etc. Let’s explore some of these additional sizes.

10 The (195x70mm) MaggieFrame magnetic hoop:

For instance, consider a compact MaggieFrame with mighty force, specifically measuring 195mm by 70mm, or in imperial measurements, 7.6in by 2.7in. This petite size primarily caters to detailed tasks such as sleeve embroidery, and is also perfect for embellishing baby clothing. Its nimble dimensions allow for intricate work on smaller fabric pieces, providing a neat and professional finish.

11 The (320x100mm) MaggieFrame magnetic hoop:

On the other hand, for larger, elongated design needs, there is a MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery frame with an inside dimension of 320mm by 100mm, which translates to 12.6in by 3.9in. This larger embroidery frame is expertly designed to handle projects like trouser embroidery. It provides a stable, ample workspace to carry out designs that require more length.

Whether your embroidery project is small and intricate or large and extensive, MaggieFrames has an option that will not only fit your embroidery needs but also enhance the quality of your embroidery work. With such versatility and precision, MaggieFrames embroidery frame with higher quality is suitable to Tajima, Ricoma, Bai, Happy, Barudan, Chinese Brand embroidery machines.

Thank you for your interest in MaggieFrame. If you’d like to learn more about our magnetic embroidery hoops or embroidery hoop stations, please subscribe to our online store. We’re eager to support all your embroidery endeavors!