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Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we’re focusing on the revolutionary MaggieFrame – a magnetic embroidery hoop designed to make your embroidery Hooping effortless. Thanks to its strong magnet, it streamlines your embroidery hooping work, especially if you own the Brother PRS100, Brother VR, or same embroidery machine, excluding Baby Lock.

But how do you select the right MaggieFrame embroidery size for your Brother VR/ Brother PRS100 embroidery machine?

In this blog, we will provide you a detailed introduction to the embroidery sizes of MaggieFrame magic hoop, and compare the differences between various MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops and Brother VR/ Brother PRS100 regular hoops.

Stick around and this blog will help you to choose the right MaggieFrames.

Guideline on How to Choose MaggieFrame Embroidery Size – by Comparison between Brother VR/PRS100/Baby Lock regular hoop and MaggieFrame magnetic hoop by size

We also have prepared a detailed video explanation for you, just click this link to view it:

1. MaggieFrame (100x100mm) vs Brother VR/PRS100/Baby Lock regular hoop (40x60mm):

The smallest MaggieFrame measures 100x100mm, equivalent to 3.9in by 3.9in. This is ideal for mini embroidery projects, providing a slightly larger working area than the smallest Brother regular hoop which measures 40x60mm, or 1.6in by 2.4in.

2. MaggieFrame (130x130mm) vs Brother VR/PRS100/Baby Lock regular hoop (100x100mm):

The 130x130mm (5.1in by 5.1in) MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop closely matches the Brother regular hoop size of 100x100mm (3.9in by 3.9in). This size is a particularly popular choice within the entire MaggieFrame magnetic hoop range. It enjoys a high usage frequency due to its versatility, satisfying various embroidery needs.

3. MaggieFrame (150x200mm) vs Brother VR/PRS100/Baby Lock Regular Hoop (130x180mm):

When it comes to larger designs, the 150x200mm (6.0in by 8.0in) MaggieFrame offers a near-identical embroidery area as the 180x130mm (5.1in by 7.1in) Brother regular hoop, perfect for larger-scale projects.

4. MaggieFrame (175x175mm) vs Brother VR/PRS100/Baby Lock Regular Hoop (200x200mm):

If your project requires a bigger space, consider the 175x175mm (6.9in by 6.9in) MaggieFrame. It has a slightly smaller embroidery area compared to the 200x200mm (8.0in by 8.0in) original Brother regular hoop.

Given that the arm and depth of Brother VR, Brother PRS 100 are fixed, the 175mm by 175mm MaggieFrame aligns most closely with these specifications. This makes it the most suitable magnetic hoop option available on the market for these particular machines.

Besides the four MaggieFrames magic embroidery hoops that closely mirror the Brother VR/ Brother PRS100 tubular hoops for easy selection in your embroidery tasks, we also offer two magnetic hoop sizes specifically for Brother VR/ Brother PRS100 embroidery machines.

5. MaggieFrame (195x70mm):

We also offer a unique 195x70mm (7.6in by 2.7in) MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop, which is an exceptional tool for embroidery on sleeves. This specific hoop size is compatible with the Brother VR, Brother PRS100, or similar Baby Lock machines.

6. MaggieFrame (165x165mm):

In addition to these, there’s a 165x165mm (6.5in by 6.5in) MaggieFrame that offers a comfortable workspace for machines such as the Brother VR, Brother PRS 100, and other similar machines.

In conclusion, for machines like Brother VR, Brother PRS 100, or Baby Lock, there are six different sizes of MaggieFrames magnetic embroidery hoop that can perfectly adapt to your machine. The MaggieFrame magnetic hoops will significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of your hooping and embroidery tasks. When you purchase the MaggieFrame embroidery hoop from the online store, all you need to do is to identify that your brand of embroidery machine is Brother and select the appropriate size of the MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops. We will then send you the hoop size you chose, along with metal brackets suitable for your Brother VR, Brother PRS 100, or the same Baby Lock brand Alliance embroidery machines.