Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we’re focusing on the revolutionary MaggieFrame – a magnetic embroidery hoop designed to make your embroidery Hooping effortless. Thanks to its strong magnet, it streamlines your embroidery hooping work, especially if you own a Brother PR or Baby Lock multi-needle brand embroidery machine like the Brother PR600, Brother PR650, Brother PR655, or the Brother PR1050X.

But how do you select the right MaggieFrame embroidery size for your Brother PR or Baby Lock embroidery machine?

In this blog, we will give a detailed introduction to the various sizes of MaggieFrame embroidery hoops, and highlight the differences between these and the regular hoops used with Brother PR or Baby Lock machines.

Stick around and this blog will help you to choose the right MaggieFrames.

 Guideline on How to Choose MaggieFrame Embroidery Size– by Comparison between Brother PR/ Baby Lock regular hoop and MaggieFrame magnetic hoop by size

We also have prepared a detailed video explanation for you, just click this link to view it:

1. MaggieFrame (100x100mm) vs Brother PR or Baby Lock Regular Hoop (60x40mm):

The smallest MaggieFrame, measuring 100x100mm or 3.9in by 3.9in, has a larger embroidery area than the smallest Tajima hoop, which measures 60x40mm or 2.4in by 1.6in.

2. MaggieFrame (130x130mm) vs Brother PR or Baby Lock Regular Hoop (100x100mm):

 We compare the 100x100mm (3.9in by 3.9in) Brother regular hoop with our similar sized MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop, which is 130x130mm or 5.1in by 5.1in in the sewing area. You get more space with the MaggieFrame.

3. MaggieFrame (150x200mm) vs Brother PR or Baby Lock Regular Hoop (130x180mm):

Our MaggieFrame size of 150x200mm (6.0in by 8.0in) offers you more room than the 130x180mm (5.1in by 7.1in) Brother or Baby Lock regular hoop to work your embroidery magic.

4. MaggieFrame (195x315mm) vs Brother PR or Baby Lock Regular Hoop (200x360mm):

The largest original Baby Lock or Brother tubular hoop measures 200x360mm (8.0in by 14in). We have a MaggieFrame equivalent that’s slightly smaller, measuring 195x315mm or 7.7in by 12.5in, providing ample space for larger designs.

In addition to the four MaggieFrames magic embroidery hoops, which closely resemble the original Baby Lock or Brother PR multi needle machine tubular hoops and can be easily chosen for your embroidery tasks, we also provide four additional sizes for Brother PR or Baby Lock multi-needle machines.

5. The 195x70mm (7.6in by 2.7in) MaggieFrame:

This MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop is perfect for embroidering sleeves. To make purchasing easier, you can simply choose the size and brand name on our online store, and we’ll deliver the perfectly fitting hoop for your machine.

6. The 165x165mm (6.5in by 6.5in) MaggieFrame:

The 165x165mm or 6.5in by 6.5in MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop is another size to consider for larger embroidery projects, offering an extensive work area for your designs.

7. The 175x175mm (6.9in by 6.9in) MaggieFrame:

Our unique 175x175mm or 6.9in by 6.9in MaggieFrame, specially designed for Brother PR or Baby Lock multi-needle machines, provides an ample embroidery area for more extensive projects.

8. The 100x320mm (3.9in by 12.8in) MaggieFrame:

Specially designed for Baby Lock or Brother multi-needle machines. This particular size is tailored to accommodate those special embroidery projects you might encounter.

As a result, we provide eight different sizes of MaggieFrames for Brother or Baby Lock multi-needle machines, ensuring you can choose the one that best embroidery hoop suits your embroidery projects. Given our extensive experience in working with different embroidery hoops for Brother or Baby Lock multi-needle machines, we’re confident that we can help you select the right size.