Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we’re focusing on the revolutionary MaggieFrame – a magnetic embroidery hoop designed to make your embroidery Hooping effortless. Thanks to its powerful magnetism, it streamlines your embroidery hooping work, especially if you own a Barudan brand embroidery machine.

But how do you select the right MaggieFrame embroidery size for your Barudan embroidery machine?

In this blog, we will provide you a detailed introduction to the embroidery sizes of MaggieFrame, and compare the differences between various MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoops and Barudan regular hoops.

Stick around and this blog will help you to choose the right MaggieFrames.

Guideline on How to Choose MaggieFrame Embroidery Size– by Comparison between Barudan regular hoop and MaggieFrame magnetic hoop by size

We also have prepared a detailed video explanation for you, just click this link to view it:

1. MaggieFrame (130x130mm) vs Barudan Tubular Hoop (150mm):

The 130mm by 130mm or 5.1in by 5.1in MaggieFrame closely matches the size of a 150mm Barudan tubular hoop, making it an ideal choice for those who often use the 150mm Barudan tubular hoop in their daily operations.

2. MaggieFrame (175x175mm) vs Barudan Tubular Hoop (180mm):

The 175mm by 175mm or 6.9in by 6.9in MaggieFrame is slightly smaller than the 180mm Barudan hoop, yet provides a slightly larger embroidery area, making it a great alternative for various projects.

3. MaggieFrame (240x240mm) vs Barudan Tubular Hoop (240mm):

The 240mm by 240mm or 9.5in by 9.5in MaggieFrame perfectly matches the size of the 240mm Barudan square hoop, providing an identical embroidery area for your designs.

4. MaggieFrame (265x315mm) vs Barudan Tubular Hoop (300x300mm):

The 265mm by 315mm or 10.5in by 12.4in MaggieFrame is the best choice if you regularly use the 300mm by 300mm square Barudan hoop for jacket backing, providing a slightly different yet efficient work area.

5. MaggieFrame (430x390mm) vs Barudan Tubular Hoop (460x430mm):

Our largest MaggieFrame, measuring 430mm by 390mm or approximately 17.0in by 15.5in, closely matches the 460mm by 430mm square Barudan original hoop, thus offering a similar embroidery area for your larger projects.

Please note, in addition to these sizes, there are other sizes of MaggieFrame that are perfect for different embroidery projects. Next, let’s take two commonly used embroidery hoop sizes as examples.

6. The 195mm by 70mm MaggieFrame magic embroidery hoop:

This embroidery hoop with an inside embroidery area of 195x70mm or 7.6in by 2.7in, is ideally suited for sleeve embroidery and small garments like baby clothes. Its compact size allows for easy fitting of the embroidery object, ensuring a smooth and efficient embroidery experience.

7. The 320mm by 100mm MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop:

MaggieFrame offer a larger 320mm by 100mm hoop, which translates to approximately 12.6in by 3.9in. This size is ideal for larger embroidery projects, such as adding distinctive designs to trousers or other substantial pieces of fabric.

MaggieFrame, with over 15 years of experience in producing embroidery hoops for various brands, guarantees perfect fit for your embroidery machine with different metal brackets and lengths assembled on the MaggieFrame. We hope this hoop size comparison between the Barudan tubular hoop and MaggieFrame magnetic hoop helps you choose the right hoop size of MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop for your needs.