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Before choosing the right MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop for your Barudan embroidery machines, there are four points to keep in mind.

1. Familiarize yourself with your existing Barudan hoop, which is typically a tubular embroidery hoop. Notably, Barudan hoops have two distinctive metal bracket styles: the QS style and the EFP style brackets.

2. Measuring your existing hoop length. This task is straightforward; all you require is a trusty tape measure. Directly measure the length of your hoop in a straight line. For instance, a tubular Barudan embroidery hoop to be approximately 375mm long, which is equivalent to about 14.8 inches.

3. Your measurement might slightly differ – maybe by 1 mm or 2 mm – from the specifications listed in our catalog or online store. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and can be attributed to differences in measuring methods. This minor discrepancy does not, in any way, impact the compatibility of the magic hoop with your embroidery machine.

4. Upon receiving your MaggieFrame hoops with two metal brackets, you’ll observe that Barudan embroidery hoops typically come in two lengths. You have the 375mm (14.8in)

and the 515mm (20.3in) hoops.

Now comes the exciting part – purchasing your MaggieFrame embroidery hoop for your Barudan machine. This process is streamlined into four simple steps for your convenience:

Step 1: Choose your desired MaggieFrame hoop size.

Step 2: Indicate your machine brand as Barudan.

Step 3: Select the hoop length that matches the one you have in your hands.

Step 4: Choose the metal bracket style (either EFP style or QS style).

By following these steps, you’re guaranteed to receive the MaggieFrame magnetic embroidery hoop that’s an exact match for your machine and meets your unique embroidery needs. With the right tools in hand, you’re ready to continue crafting exquisite embroidery designs with the assurance of a perfect fit every time. Happy embroidering!

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