1. Introducción

Embroidery machines are the unsung heroes of the textile industry. Today’s blog post is all about the two remarkable single-head embroidery machines – The Highland E-1501 and the Promaker M-1501.

Why do we need to see the comparison between these two machines? The comparison helps the audience to know about these two machines’ features, efficiency, user reviews, purchase experience, and so on. Let’s delve into this.

2. Overview of Highland E-1501 embroidery machine

When it comes to durable and efficient embroidery machines, Highland E-1501 often takes the top of the list. It is a cleverly designed, single-head, 15-needle embroidery machine that sports a solid casting, promising a long-lasting and robust performance. It comes with an array of features including a large embroidery area(500x360mm), auto-thread trimming, and a variety of included hoops. Its easy-to-use touchscreen control panel is noteworthy!

3. Overview of Promaker M-1501 embroidery machine

On the other side of the ring is the Promaker M-1501. This machine adds a touch of class to the embroidery process. Known for its advanced technology, the Promaker M-1501 is a single-head, 15-needle embroidery machine providing optimal speed and exceptional embroidery quality. Features such as the embroidery field (510×360) automatic thread cutter, LCD touch screen, and its ability to connect with a network make it a contender to watch out for.

4. Comparison Between Highland E-1501 vs Promaker M-1501

4.1 Características básicas

Características básicas Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Número de agujas 15 15
Número de cabezas 1 1
Velocidad máxima de bordado 1200SPM 1000SPM
Área máxima de bordado 500x360mm 510x360mm
Almacenamiento máximo de puntadas o diseños 100 millones 10 millones
Tamaño de la máquina LxAxA con soporte de acero (mm) 350x600x750 750x900x1500
Peso de la máquina con soporte de acero (kg) 67 kg 40kg

Both machines are single-headed with 15 needles and embroidery fields, catering to detailed designs. Promaker M-1501 takes the lead with its maximum speed of 1000 SPM, while Highland E-1501 offers 1200, which makes a difference in production. On the other hand, the Highland e-1501 has more storage than the Promaker, which creates a complex design.

4.2 características del software

Características del software Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Entrada USB SÍ / WIFI
Formatos de archivo compatibles DST, DSB DST, DSB
Número de fuentes 28 90
Número de diseños de bordado preestablecidos poco claro poco claro
Software de diseño Wilcom Tesv3.0 software
Opciones de idioma Inglés, chino, francés, japonés, árabe, español, portugués, italiano Inglés Inglés, chino, francés, japonés, árabe, español, portugués, italiano

In software comparison ,both machines has similarity.On the flip side, Promaker M-1501 impresses with its TES v3.0 embroidery software and digitizing option.

4.3 Características para aumentar la eficiencia de la producción

Funciones para aumentar la eficacia de la producción Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Cambio automático de hilo
Enhebrado automático
Corte automático del hilo
Punto de posicionamiento del bordado poco claro poco claro
Tamaño de la pantalla táctil LCD 10 pulgadas 7 pulgadas
bordado en tiempo real Vista previa poco claro poco claro
detección automática de rotura de hilo
Conectividad WiFi no no
Retención automática de la memoria poco claro poco claro

The Highland E-1501 comes with an automatic thread trimmer and auto thread break detection, speeding up the process. Meanwhile, the Promaker M-1501 not only has an auto thread trimmer but also doesn’t have a color change system and auto thread break detection. So the highland has good increasing production.

4.4 Características de estabilidad de la producción de bordados

Features of Production stability Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Detección de errores de puntada baja
Tejido del sistema de accionamiento del bastidor Algodón, denim cotton,denim

Highland E-1501 guarantees stable production with its 5-year warranty, while the Promaker M-1501 offers a 2-year warranty, making the Highland E-1501 the more dependable choice.

4.5 Accesorios

Accesorios Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Aros tubulares incluidos poco claro
Capuchón incluido 400×300 mm laser
Bordado plano incluido poco claro poco claro
Otros incluidos
Aro de bordado normal (Compatible) MaggieFrame / Aro de bolsillo MaggieFrame / Aro de bolsillo
Aros magnéticos (Compatible) MaggieFrame / SewTalent / HoopTalent MaggieFrame / SewTalent / HoopTalent
Otros (Compatible) poco claro poco claro
Accesorios de grabado láser poco claro poco claro
Mesa extensible poco claro poco claro

Highland E-1501 comes with a cap and tubular hoops of different sizes, while Promaker M-1501 comes with an optional Laser positioning marker and wireless network card so, from an expert point of view, highland priority first.

4.6 Comodidad de la formación / mantenimiento / servicio posventa

Funciones para aumentar la eficacia de la producción Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Manual del usuario
Vídeos de formación en línea
Condiciones de la garantía

Highland E-1501 offers free training, and the machine’s price is discussed on request. Promaker M-1501 offers pre and post-sales technical support and free software updates. The cost is also provided upon inquiry.

4.7 Comparación de precios

Comparación de precios Highland E-1501 Promaker M-1501
Precios 12300 USD 9495 USD
Vídeos de formación en línea
Política de pago a plazos

5. Opiniones de usuarios y atención al cliente

Users have given a thumbs up to the practical design and good user interface of the Highland E-1501. The speed and efficiency have made it a favored choice among the embroidery community. On the other hand, Promaker M-1501 has impressed users with its high-end technology and classic performance. Its ability to produce detailed embroidery work has made it a must-have for many embroidery enthusiasts.

5.1 User review of Highland E-1501

The Highland 1501C is my first-ever embroidery machine. An artistic friend of mine and I had been discussing opening a screen printing shop. I figured she could print shirts and I could do some minor alterations and sew patches on leather vests. She suggested that I look at embroidery, as there are no other businesses in the area that offer that service. I set out searching for a good machine with good support (because I knew I’d need it). Mesa kept popping up in my research and the Highland had a consistent following. So I purchased my first machine and set out to see what I could do. Long story short, I went from never having punched a stitch before to opening my shop and landing $7k in orders in just 8 weeks.

Jorge from USA 2021/1/11

5.2 user review of Promaker M-1501

The m-1501 is a beautiful workhorse. The delivery, training, and follow up support I experienced were second to none. My machine, like all, required some tweaking to get to a smooth fast state of operations. The service department walked me through every step. Additionally, their training videos are excellent resources.

Jake from USA 2022/1/21

6. Asesoramiento de compra

6.1 Usuarios con presupuesto limitado

If you are more budget-conscious, researching the pricing of both machines would be beneficial in making a decision.

6.2 usuarios que prefieren experiencias de bordado de gama alta

If you are interested in having various features and technologies at your fingertips, the highland E-1501 could be your dream come true.

6.3 Usuarios que necesitan funciones de bordado específicas

If you require specific embroidery functions like caps or tubular hoops, then the Highland E-1501 could be your perfect partner.

7. Tamaños de aro magnético MaggieFrame compatibles

Ambas máquinas son compatibles con una amplia gama de Aro magnético MaggieFrame sizes, granting users the flexibility to work on various project sizes. However, the specialized range of magnetic hoops, Maggiframe sizes, are available upon request.


Q: Can I use any brand embroidery thread with these machines?

A: Absolutely! Both Highland and Promaker are compatible with all commercial threads.

Q: How many embroidery designs does the Highland E-1501 come with?

A: 800 designs.

Q: what is the price range of Highland e-1501?

A: Generally 10 to 12 thousand USD.