Brother PR1050X is a multi needle embroidery machine designed by Brother Industries Company. It is designed to meet the needs of professional embroidery businesses owner. As a well-known embroidery machine brand, Brother entrepreneur also has best-selling models such as PR670E, PR655, and PR1055X.

Described as the most innovative embroidery machine, the PR1050X embroidery machine is equipped with some powerful designs to help you complete your embroidery work effortlessly. For example, the 10 needles with free-arm embroidery enable faster multi-color designs, automatic needle threading saves time and reduces eye strain, and the large 10.1″ high resolution LCD touch screen allows intuitive control of the machine.

Are you going to start your small business with the PR1050X embroidery machine? Before that you’ll need some extra supplies to get the most out of it! We’ve rounded up 7 must have embroidery supplies—it will definitely help you!


Embroidery demands precision and finesse, and selecting the perfect needle can elevate your embroidery machine’s performance to new heights.

For the Brother PR1050X embroidery machine, we’ve narrowed down the vast array of needle brands to two options: Organ and Schmetz.

needle for embroidery machine

Hailing from Japan, Organ is renowned for its remarkable quality and commanding market presence. Alternatively, Schmetz, a formidable German brand, boasts a 170-year legacy with an eye for unparalleled design and unwavering quality assurance.

Equipped with either of these brands, your PR1050X embroidery machine gains unbeatable durability and the capacity to produce impeccable embroidery design.


The PR1050X machine has an automatic threading function that saves a lot of time for embroidery enthusiasts. Embroidery thread is generally divided into bobbin thread and needle thread. Bobbin thread is mainly in black and white, hidden on the reverse side of the embroidery, while the needle thread is on the surface of the embroidery.

machine embroidery thread

Therefore, selecting the needle thread is crucial in determining the ultimate success of your embroidery masterpiece. You should pay attention to these four essential aspects:

Material: A diverse range of materials exists, from cotton and nylon to silk and wood, each offering exclusive benefits to elevate your work.

Color: According to your purpose, generally choose a brand with minimal variation between batches, ensuring consistency in your designs.

Strength: Seek threads that resist breaking and pilling, providing durability suited to your intended use.

Sheen: Choose based on the end result you want to achieve. Generally speaking, silk and rayon have the highest sheen.

You can choose the thread you need based on your budget and desired result.


The stabilizer is also an essential accessory to make your work perfect! This one serves as the base layer of the embroidery masterpiece, subtly supporting the fabric, ensuring there are no stretches, puckers or shifting.

Stabilizer comes in many types, each suitable for different types of fabrics.

Tear-Away Stabilizer: suitable for non-stretchy, stable fabrics.

Cut-Away Stabilizer: suitable for knits and other stretchy fabrics

No-Show Mesh Stabilizer: suitable for light fabrics

stabilizer for embroidery machine

There are also some stabilizers that do not require temporary adhesive, i.e. sticky stabilizers, including sticky tear-away, sticky wash-away, or even sticky cut-away stabilizers.

MaggieFrame Magnetic Hoop

The embroidery hoop is important for any embroiderer. It helps to keep the fabric taut, which is crucial for achieving neat and even stitches. If the fabric pucker or warps, it will be very difficult to stitch on it and thus increase the strain on the embroiderer’s hands and wrists.

Compared to traditional embroidery frame, magnetic hoop automatically adjusts for different thicknesses, no need to adjust the outer hoop, which saves time and prevents fabric distortion. With strong magnetic hoop, your hooping work would be super easy! And you don’t need to worry hoops leave hoop burn on your slim fabric.

MaggieFrame is a brand of Sew Tech Company that focuses on embroidery hoops and other sewing accessories, which are widely popular among consumers in the market.

Beautifully designed, MaggieFrame adopts a simple and unique style. High-quality materials provide strong magnetic force and long-lasting performance. Its products are unmatched in cost-effectiveness, offering superior quality at unbeatable prices to suit your needs.

MaggieFrame offers different sizes of magnetic embroidery hoops for Brother PR1050X, from 3.8×3.8 inches (95×95mm) to 4×12.8 inches (100×325mm). So you can find hoops for almost any embroidery machine.

Embroidery Design Add Details:

magnetic embroidery hoops

MaggieFrame will provide you with fast shipping and good after-sales service, bringing you a wonderful experience.

HoopTalent Hooping Station

When you want to expand your business scale and produce a large number of products at once, it is very important to maintain the accuracy and stability of the embroidery positions.

The traditional methods of marking embroidery placement are to use washable markers, chalk wheels, or embroidery target stickers, as shown.

All of these traditional methods will take some time and even need an extra washing process to remove the marks. But if you have a hoop station, you can get your embroidery work done quickly.

The brand HoopTalent is also from Sew Tech Company, known for its cheap and cheerful product with high quality. Simply place your chosen clothing item on the stand, then you can instantly know where it’s going to be embroidered.  Absolutely, it’s a brilliant tool for embroidery project because of it’s consistent hooping system.

hooping station

Equipped with the HoopTalent Hoop Station, your Brother PR1050 can surely work better.

Thread Rack for Storage

The Brother PR1050X’s 10 needles can handle multiple threads, so you can unleash your creativity on a rainbow of spools. Don’t forget to organize those thread spools/cones with a reliable, durable wire rack.

Sew Tech thread rack will be a great help, which saves you a lot of space, and makes your sewing area instantly super organized.

It has super storage capability and can hold 60 spools / 30 cones of thread at a time. The longer pegs, wider storage plates ,and firm structure make the spools stay securely in place. Sew Tech thread holder can be mounted on the wall or free-stand on a table, its elegant bright white appearance will surely add a touch of beauty to your room.

Thread Rack

With Sew Tech’s durable plastic thread rack, your Brother PR1050X will work organized.

Spool Hugger

Are you frustrated by the messy threads? Feeling cranky because of the knotted embroidery threads? Then maybe you need a Thread Spool Hugger that will keep your thread spools/cones organized and beautifully neat.

These thread spool huggers will wrap around your threads and keep the ends from unraveling. With a very low price, you can greatly improve your efficiency and experience of embroidery.

spool huggers


The right tools can greatly improve the efficiency and results of embroidery, thus improving your benefits.

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